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I'm more of a visual editor. I don't know vim... and while this isn't the lightest editor available, it behaves a lot like Chrome.


Git is how you'll manage your repositories. You'll also need a github account.


Node is our runtime, it's how'll we run and serve our local server.

Some of them may have their own dependencies. Based on what OS you're using. HMU if you need help getting started.

Here's the template I'm using at the moment.

You can just deploy it on Netlify if you want. (Easiest way to get started.)

Now our framework:

Here's a list of:



From here you can use the and it should put you on your path to hosting your first 💯FREE website.

Here are some code snippets I use all the time:

1. To change to your repository where your drive and repository directory.

cd /mnt/(drive letter)/(repository name)

2. To install dependencies:

npm install

3. This step is only required the very first time.

npm run build

4. To start your server: (you'll be using this the most.)

npm run start

5. Now you're website should be hosted at


Alternatively, you can clone my repo @ and start building from there.

carrd is also an amazing platform,

it is waaay simpler, but doesn't quite have the same flexibility and doesn't support markdown natively.